Work hard, play hard!            Rookie Shoes is in the house!

Rookie Shoes emerged from an intense feeling for beats and rythm. At the age of 13, Jeroen got into playing the drums, while Raphael was already experimenting on his first DJ set.

When these two youngsters met in 2011, the big interest in the DJ scene grew. By practicing and experimenting daily and having a well-trained feeling for rythm, they improved quickly in mixing and mastered beatmatching in a short period.

In 2012, their DJ career accelerated. At the age of only 17 and 15, these kids managed to get a spot as resident DJ in 3 different clubs.

By performing every weekend, they quickly gained experience in the nightlife scene and started to build reputation. Other clubs followed shortly. By playing as support act for major artists they even got a glimpse of the big international stars.

These guys are devoted to the wide House genre, from latin tech to club; from progressive to deeper tunes. Throwing in acapellas and effects in the mix,

this duo will do what it takes to create a pounding atmosphere and a lasting impression.

They're not only showing off in the club. They're also doing hard work in the studio creating their own productions and remixes.

Only being teenagers, they still have a bright future ahead of them. Even though they have plenty of time to reach higher grounds, it's itching to get to the next level.